Monday, October 4, 2021

Remember my......

.... beautiful red roses?



 Looked out the window the other day and saw this:



 Thankfully they were chased before they got this one:


 The garden in finally finished! It was a good year!


 Hubby moved the blackberry bush to the old potato patch - birds got most of them  :o{


 The dogwood is beautiful this year:


  Still some flowers left, though:



Leaves are changing:

This tree is mostly bare already:

The sunflowers are doing good:

The gang is fine - Benji is getting more white feathers:



  1. We built a chicken wire and bird net blueberry enclosure when we got tired of feeding the birds, and of cleaning blue, um, bird waste off of things.

    1. Know what you mean about the 'waste' - will have to cover it next year! :o)