Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Just some random pics from yesterday....

Carried the camera around with me for most of the day...


 The front yard - need leaves?

 Lots of berries on the bush:


 At the dump - that truck was enormous!


Lots of fog:

Just some oak leaves:

 This was supposed to be torn down. Things move very slowly here:


 The local florist:


A field of left over pumpkins:

 Some Victorian homes in town:



 Went for hay - getting horribly expensive:


 Straw - $9.00 a bale!!!!!!!!!!








 These guys stay all Winter:


 A big rooster!


 Tons of mushroom from all the rain we've had:




 A new yellow rose bud! Yay!


A sunny afternoon in Coopville:




 Slug trails - we get a lot of those critters - yucky!


 The gang going back to the pen: