Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Rock music!

 A big H/T to Terry for sending!!  :o)

Ringing Rocks County Park is a Bucks County park in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania at 40.56316°N 75.12689°W.[1] Originally, the land was acquired by the Penn family from the Lenape (Delaware Nation) through the infamous 1737 Walking Purchase. It is not clear who made the original land warrant for the area now covered by the Ringing Rocks County Park. On the 1850 property map of Bucks County, the owner appears to be Tunis Lippincott; however, there is no warrantee listing under that name. The earliest published description of the Bridgeton boulder field is found in Davis 1876. The seven-acre boulder field was purchased in 1895 by Abel B. Haring, president of the Union National Bank in Frenchtown, NJ. Apparently Haring wished to protect the ringing rocks from development, and even refused an offer from a manufacturer of Belgian blocks for the right to quarry the stones. (Humphreys 1905, Sigafoos 1935). On August 22, 1918, the land which contains the Bridgeton boulder field was donated by Haring to the Bucks County Historical Society. The grant included 7 acres 8.08 perches of land. A right-of-way was granted by John O. McEntee for access to the park (Fackenthal 1919). Later the land was transferred to Bucks County and operated as a county park. Additional land acquisitions have increased the size of the park to 128 acres. Ott procured the musical rocks from a nearby boulder field in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania. Known today as Ringing Rocks Park, the rock field occupies 7 acres of an otherwise wooded area, and is over 10 feet deep with boulders. Only about a third of the rocks ring, and for a long time why the rocks rang at all was unclear. However, in 1965 a group of scientists crushed, broke, and sliced the rocks. After performing numerous tests, they found that while all the rocks do in fact ring, they often do so at tones lower than the human ear can perceive. Interactions between these low tones create any audible sounds. However, the exact mechanism by which they ring still remains elusive, and it may have to do with the freeze-thaw cycle that helped created the boulder field in the first place. Though many are tempted to illegally pocket a ringing rock for later use, it is futile, as the rocks lose their musical ability once taken away from the other stones. Other areas in Eastern Pennsylvania are Stony Garden in Bucks County, Ringing Rocks Park near Pottstown, Montgomery County and the Devil’s Race Course in Franklin County.


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 Benji, Chipper and Reba wandered out....


 .... but Dolly is still broody....


 .... so I had to pick her up and put her out!


 Chipper and Benji eating a peach, while....



 .... Reba and Dolly take dirt baths:


 Too early for the dogwood tree to get berries!


 This cloud reminds me of a roaring lion:


 The storm clouds really started to form late in the afternoon:






 By 7 o'clock it started to rain - but it only lasted 20 minutes!





Monday, August 29, 2022

A story you really never knew...



 A visit to the grave of Hannah Arnold, mother of Benedict Arnold, who was an American military officer who served during the Revolutionary War. He fought with distinction for the American Continental Army and rose to the rank of Major General before defecting to the British side of the conflict in 1780. He led the British army in battle against the soldiers whom he had once commanded, after which his name became synonymous with treason and betrayal.



A fascinating history lesson!



Today's funny:o)


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Just stuff.....

.... not much going on in Coopville...


 Benji in the garden - he didn't find anything good to eat. :o(

At least I have a rose!

On one of the trees cut down. Lots of bug damage:

The large one is from Dolly - the little one from Reba:

A "Lantern" bug - there are hundreds of 'em!

Always looking for treats....

The sunflowers will probably open this week:


Friday, August 26, 2022

Friday night Steam

 The mountain climbing steam engine!



 Cog railways have been constructed in mountainous areas or mining operations. Cog railways, also called rack railways, were built to climb mountains using a unique toothed rack rail. The Mount Washington Cog Railway in New Hampshire was the first use of this technology in the United States. There are also currently about 50 rack railways throughout the world. The Mount Washington Railway Company or, more familiarly, the Cog Railway, or simply “the Cog,” was chartered by the New Hampshire State Legislature in 1858. Thankfully these railroads are now historical landmarks.




Today's funny :o)

 ..H/T to Glenn!







Looks sooo different!

 With all the trees that we had taken down, there sure is a lot more land and sky:

Hubby has been busy playing with all the wood:

Benji, Chipper and Reba;

Dolly is broody - don't know why - she is not sitting on fertilized eggs. Benji hasn't been doing his due diligence at all:

The garden is finally done except for....

the corn stalks and sunflowers:

A cute little chippie made a home in the chicken run - he comes out and steals their food!


Monday, August 22, 2022

Queen of Klutz

Tripped over a tree stump on Tuesday - didn't break anything, but I am sooo sore! Couldn't get everything done that I wanted to. Will be back on Friday with some more pics.

Hubby was very busy though:



Kitty-Kat got tired of watching Hubby working so hard:

The gang is fine:




 A very pretty sky:


 Bugs invaded the garden - lost a lot:


 Nice clouds:



 We did get some nice onions, though - small but delicious!








Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday Night Steam

 Have you ever wondered how a team engine is restored? Grab a cuppa, sit back and see how it's done!


You can find  the history of this engine here:


Today's funnies :o)

 H/T to Gary!

A man feels very ill upon returning to the U.S. from a trip abroad. He goes to see his doctor and is immediately rushed to the hospital to undergo a barrage of extensive tests.

The man wakes up after the tests in a private room at the hospital, and the phone by his bed rings. "This is your doctor. We've got the results back from your tests, and we've found you have an exceptionally dangerous virus that is extremely contagious!"

"Oh my gosh," cries the man in a panic, "What are you going to do?!"

Well, we're going to put you on a diet of pizzas, pancakes, and quesadillas."

"Will that cure me?" asked the man hopefully. The doctor replied, "No, but it's the only food we can get under the door."



Wood, wood and more wood!

Neighbor came over to give Hubby a hand with moving the logs. He helped us for two days!




 Hubby hard at work already!



 He'll be kept busy until the snow flies!


 Plenty of tree stumps to be dug up, too!


 Ten altogether!


 A wee bit hard to see, but hundreds of dragon flies hatched and took to the air! 

 The birds were having a field day!



 The gang:




 Going to take off next week - lots of yard maintenance to get done plus we have to tear down the summer garden and decide if we will do some quick plantings before the first frost comes in October.....