Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Meet Grace Braeger

 Two classics!


THIS stunning Chevrolet Bel Air has been the pride and joy of the same owner for more than 60 years. Grace Braeger bought the car for $2,250 in 1957 and never imagined she would still have it all these years later. Nicknamed 57 Lady, the Chevrolet continues to impress onlookers and its owner. What is the secret to its longevity? Grace said: “When it needs something, you take care of it. You replace it, you always try to keep it clean and you try to keep it waxed. And you go by the manual."


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 H/T to Terry!


A short ride!



This field was filled with left over pumpkins:

Gas is still high:


 An old barn:


 The Sussex Airport - not too many planes now:



 Our bumpy back roads:






 More moo-mooos:





 Made heck of a lot of turkey soup!


 Kitty-Kat's favorite spot - in the front window:





Monday, November 28, 2022


 Soap bubbles freezing!!!




Source: By Brian Lada, AccuWeather:

Blowing bubbles that turn into orbs of ice is a simple experiment that can be done at home when the weather is cold enough.

Those attempting to make frozen bubbles can use regular bubble solution or a homemade solution comprised of one part water, four parts dish soap and a dash of light corn syrup.

Regardless of which bubble solution is used, one more ingredient is needed and can be supplied by Mother Nature only.

For bubbles to freeze before they pop, temperatures need to be well below freezing. For the best results, temperatures should be in the single digits or below zero F.

It is possible for some ice to begin to form on bubbles when temperatures are in the lower 30s, 20s and teens; however, it will take longer for the ice to begin to form and the bubble may pop before the ice is noticeable.

Winds should also be calm when attempting this experiment as the wind causes bubbles pop quicker. Additionally, the wind can cause the bubbles to blow far away from you before they land and begin to freeze.

With the proper camera and ideal weather conditions, this experiment can create beautiful scenes on a cold winter day.





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Slow weekend....

 Just too tired from Thanksgiving to do much of anything. Reba and Dolly are in a heavy molt - feathers all over the coop. I had to clean it up again on Saturday. I'm glad it is happening now and NOT in the middle of Winter!

Yesterday was rainy, damp, chilly and miserable:

I hope the rest of the week will be nice - gotta get some decorations up and take down the fall stuff.....

(and make a LOT of turkey soup!)


Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday Night Steam


 A history lesson for tonight!

The Pullman story:


 (There is a short ad in the beginning - you can skip past it)






 For more info:



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The day after

 ...... Sorry - I didn't take any pics yesterday......   


Thursday, November 24, 2022

To all my dear reaaders....



 May you and your family be blessed this Thanksgiving Day!


Chickenmom, Hubby, Chipper, Dolly, Reba, Benji

 and Kitty-Kat!



Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Meet Joshua Martin

 It took him 1,000 hours to paint a turkey!


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The gang

 Enjoying the sunshine:





 Dolly and Reba finally stopped being broody!! Yay! (Still no eggs though)

Their new "thing" is to scratch all the hay out of nest boxes and pile it in the middle of the floor:






 Hubby fixing the old Wheel Horse again:

 Kitty-Kat sitting on the sofa overlooking his realm:












Monday, November 21, 2022

Sidewalk art!




 I would love to see these in person! Wouldn't you?








































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 H/T to Gary!


A Saturday surprise!


 Woke up to this:




 Walking to the coop - you can see little mouse trails!


Coopville  looked  so pretty!





 Just love the 'crunchy' sound!


 It was COLD Sunday night, too....


 .... but there was a beautiful sunset!