Friday, October 29, 2021

Friday Night Steam

 It's Halloween! Let's go on a spooky train ride!


Today's funny :o)

 One of my favorites:





 Have a Happy Halloween!!


Just stuff in the camera

Spot is still around:


 The troublemaker:


 One of the few trees with red leaves this year:



A feather from one of the girls:


 A pretty sunset:



 The gang:


Still have some flowers:

 Looking across the road:


 Some berries on a bush:



What's left of one of the sunflowers - the boids enjoy them so much!

 Show off!



 Hubby on leaf patrol:





Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Why they hate us.....




 H/T  to Donna!



.... exciting going on.

Chipper is still afraid of Benji, but he did let her up on the roost Monday night, Still feeding her separately.

Lots and lots of rain yesterday - if it had been snow, Yikes!


Monday, October 25, 2021

Need a smile today?

 H/T to Ruthie!


Things that happen for the first time:

First time being dunked into water
 that's way too cold:
First time driving through a dark tunnel:

First time watching fireworks:

First time finding a new recipe in a 
cooking magazine:
First time smelling of someone's foot:
First time having their toes licked by a cat:
First time watching New Year's fireworks:
First time "drinking" out of a hose:
First time forgetting how glass windows work:
First time forgetting how spoons work:
First time opening a present:
First time living in a hollowed-out fruit:
First time meeting a puppy:

First time experiencing the sweet, sweet glory 
of television:
First time chatting with a puppet:
First time seeing ice cream:

And finally, the first time experiencing the
 taste of sour:



Good! It worked!!   :o)

Today's funny :o)

 H/T to Gary!