Wednesday, August 4, 2021


 .... chilly yesterday morning:

 But it did warm up in the afternoon!


 The sunflowers by the rocks are getting so tall:

 Hubby cut the lawn in long strips:


 When it dries, I bag it and use it in the coop under the roost bar to catch the poopies! Hay is used in the nest boxes and the rest of the coop. Hay is so expensive when you only buy one bale!



 What's left of the gang:



 She isn't getting any better and she's not getting any worse.

What to do .... what to do.... ????

 I'll decide later today or tomorrow....







  1. I'm sorry your gang is shrinking, and you have to deal with a sick girl:((

    1. She's gone - will have to get some pullets in the Spring. Can't have just two hens...