Monday, August 2, 2021


 Yesterday started off sunny but cool, so we lit the fire pit and burned some scrap wood and paper. It was so good listening to the crackle of a fire! It didn't last long though. It started to rain by 11 o'clock. Was nice while it lasted!

Looking out of the coop thru the screen door:

 The sick hen is getting better! I hand fed and watered her for three days in the coop. She finally walked out by herself and went into the carrier!


Benji kept bothering her, so I closed her in .
Later on, I let her out, but Benji attacked her!
 If he does it again, he is going to live with Colonel Sanders.
It was a vicious attack...
 He better behave......
The corn is taller than I am! 

(That's not really saying much - I'm only 5'2" - LOL!)


 And more to come:







  1. It was chilly enough this morning that we fired up the small electric heater in the bathroom so as to step out of the shower into toasty warmth.