Friday, August 6, 2021

Friday Night Steam

 How about watching a couple of steam cranes tonight!

A steam crane is a crane powered by a steam engine. It may be fixed or mobile and, if mobile, it may run on rail tracks, caterpillar tracks, road wheels, or be mounted on a barge. It usually has a vertical boiler placed at the back so that the weight of the boiler counterbalances the weight of the jib and load.

They were very common as railway breakdown cranes and several have been preserved on heritage railways in the United Kingdom.

Two 30 Ton Steam Cranes seen at Madawachiya replacing a bridge. Two 30 Ton Steam Cranes are seen lifting the girder into position. The bridge is located about 5km from Madawachiya Station towards Anuradhapura.



  1. Look at the size of the FLYWHEELS on those things! I bet none of the operators of these things could hear worth a LICK after a few months!