Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Making themselves right at home...

 Maybe I should give them names.....

 How about "Pellet" & "BB"?


 The largest fly I have ever seen!


 Evening sky:


 These birds flew around like this for almost an hour. Some bugs must have

 hatched and they were just feasting on them!


 A cotton ball sky!

 My very, very favorite weed:


 Running free:


 Another great haul yesterday!!!!






  1. "Maybe I should give them names....."

    I would name them 'chili' and 'korma'. Venison makes absolutely the best chili and is excellent in any lamb dish, Indian or Middle Eastern being my favorites.

    1. Good idea, Judy! Never had venison chili! :o)

    2. If you ever get your hands on a pound of ground venison... make it, you won't be disappointed. When my kids talk about some of their favorite meals from childhood it's always mentioned with a smile all-round.

  2. Can probably get some from one of our friends in another month or two. Will definitely try it! :o)