Friday, July 9, 2021

She's still....

... alive!

 Don't know for how much longer though. :o(


 She's very weak and eats very little amounts of feed. 

She does eat grapes that I cut up in small pieces for her.

 If she was in pain, I would have to put her down. So sad....

I might have to find Benji a new home - He's going to need more than three hens


 Our resident crows - I wonder what they find so interesting in the grass!


 The damn deer ate all the tops of the lilies.


 Bet we are going to get a hard winter this year. The hickory nuts are falling off the trees alread and the squirrels are going crazy collecting and burring them!



 Kitty-Kat just LOVES watching them from the window!




  1. You are such a good chicken mom:))

    1. I can't make her get well again, Mamahen.... :o(
      She was laying eggs when I got her, but I don't know how old she really is.