Friday, July 2, 2021

Hot! Hot! Hot!

 Soooooo glad that damn heat wave broke!!! I do not do well in Florida-like weather!

 Even with the a/c on, I was still miserable!




Thursday morning:

The veggies and flowers loved the sunshine after a good watering:

The corn is getting taller!

Lots of tomatoes are forming!


The rock garden:

Hubby calls them "Snowballs'!

The gang had it rough - kept watering the pen down with the hose so they could lay in the mud:

Kept giving them fresh water every couple of hours too - they were so hot!

 Kitty-Kat didn't care - the a/c was on! He slept through most of the heat wave!


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  1. My wife has container planted garden herbs just outside the back door and you can brush the basil as you walk by.
    It smells absolutely wonderful!