Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Not much going on...

We had a lot of rain the other day:

The sunflowers are getting taller:

Have no idea what this is - might even be a weed! But it is very pretty!

Another rose:

The corn is growing taller, too!

My new house plant - couldn't resist buying it!

One of the girls is very, very sick - I don't think she'll live much longer. She is losing weight fast.

She isn't in any pain, but is too weak to jump up on the roosting bar, so she sleeps in one of the nest boxes. I feed her breakfast in there because the others won't let her eat at the feeder in the morning. 

Shadow pattern on the wall as the sun shines through the front door:

Benji and three of the hens take their dirt baths under the forsythia bushes every day:

The goldfish are doing fine:

And so is Kitty-Kat - just soaks up the sunshine!