Friday, August 12, 2022

Wood, wood and more wood!

Neighbor came over to give Hubby a hand with moving the logs. He helped us for two days!




 Hubby hard at work already!



 He'll be kept busy until the snow flies!


 Plenty of tree stumps to be dug up, too!


 Ten altogether!


 A wee bit hard to see, but hundreds of dragon flies hatched and took to the air! 

 The birds were having a field day!



 The gang:




 Going to take off next week - lots of yard maintenance to get done plus we have to tear down the summer garden and decide if we will do some quick plantings before the first frost comes in October.....






  1. That is a lot of future heat.
    I was trying to remember the names of what those left behind pieces of tree that are in the ground.
    But I was stumped.