Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday Night Steam

 Have you ever wondered how a team engine is restored? Grab a cuppa, sit back and see how it's done!


You can find  the history of this engine here:



  1. That is simply awesome.
    I went to work at the Philly Shipyard in 1982 and stayed there until they closed in 1995.
    I worked in steam powered engineering spaces and many of the things you say in the film were exactly the type of work that we did.
    The part where they bored out the steam cylinder, made a new liner, chilled the liner in dry ice and then pressed it into the cylinder is exactly how it is done, and I will also tell that standing on a wooden staging platform in a drydock in December doing that work while standing on dry ice chunks was about the coldest I have every been.

    1. Wow! That must have been a great job working there (except for standing on ice)! When we were kids the ice man would let us in the ice house to chop off chunks of the ice blocks - it was cold standing on those blocks of ice!

    2. It was a great job. We worked with our hands on Navy ships and each and every one of those ships left in better shape than they were when they showed up in the shipyard.
      But as is the new normal, they closed in '95 and we all got laid off.