Friday, July 15, 2022

They ate it all....

 ....... damn deer!

One of the very few they didn't get - it will probably be gone tomorrow.

The gang enjoying some pita bread - Benji loves it!

Hubby spent the last two days trying to get this stump out:

The tall tree in the center is one of the 10 trees that will be coming down this month:

The Rose of Sharon is starting to bloom:

Did you know that the entire bush is edible? I use the tender leaves (not the older leaves)  cut up in omelets, and as salad greens. I also dehydrate the leaves, ground them up and use it as a spice! They are delicious!

You can eat the flowers and the buds, too. They make an excellent cup of tea!



  1. Learned something new today:))

    1. 'Hope you have some in your yard, Mamahen! :o)

  2. Rose of Sharon is edible? Cool as I've two huge bushes.

    1. Only use the new, tender leaves - the older ones can be a wee bit bitter. Make sure you wash the leaves, buds and flowers first before you use them. Mix them in with your salad greens. I have my dehydrator on now! :o)