Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday Night Steam

 How 'bout a giant steam tractor for tonight!

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Here we capture the process of firing up the largest steam traction engine in the world. The 150 CASE Road Locomotive was originally built in 1905 by the JI CASE Co. None of the 9 engines survived until we brought one back to life building it from scratch to the original prints. In this video we set a plowing record for the 150 Case pulling 36 John Deere Bottom plow. The plow is constructed of 3 John Deere plows mounted together as they never produced such a plow before. For more information on the project and the 150 Case check out


      Founded in 1847 by Jerome I. Case to make threshing machines. Reorganized as J. I. Case & Co. in 1863 when thresher maker Jerome I. Case took on three new partners. Incorporated as J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. in 1880. Steam Portable Engines were made in the 1870"s. Steam Traction Engines were manufactured between 1884 & 1925.

The company also produced stationary gas engines designed by J. W. Raymond 1893-1896; They re-entered the gas engine business for a short time in 1913 and again in the 1920's.



  1. And then they came back this year to pull 44 bottoms! Incredible torque.

    1. Wow! Thank you for that amazing link, Rick. I'm sure all of the Friday Night Steamers will take a look! :o)