Monday, December 6, 2021

Craft fair...

 Hubby and I went to a"German Style" craft show at our local fair grounds. It's only 10 minutes from Coopville, but the traffic was horrendous! It took 45 minutes just to get in!

Lots and lot of arts and craft and lots and lots of German chocolates and food! We didn't get any, but enjoyed the train exhibit a lot. The craft booths were jammed, so we didn't get to see everything..


 The train layout was wonderful!



They had pony rides for the kids ....

..... and a petting zoo:

For the grownup, there were wagon rides:

A chain saw artist was selling his crafts:

The cookies WERE tempting, though!



  1. Looks like fun, but I can't take that kind of traffic anymore. Grumpy old man syndrome!

    1. Hubby was the same - kept telling me every five minutes to turn around! Our dinky roads up here are not made for a lot of traffic! They just paved the paths that the cows used....