Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The garden

Bought plenty of flowers, peppers and tomatoes:




 The first ones planted were around the bird bath:




 The iris started to bloom by the front rock wall:


 They are just beautiful this year!


 Still have to fill in the bare spots....


 .... but it got too hot to be working out in the sun!


 Still have lots more to go!


The gang hiding under the deck - they wanted shade!


One of Benji's tail feathers:



 The veggies will go in today:





  1. All beautiful especially the iris.

  2. The iris by the back deck should all be in bloom by next week - yay! :o)

  3. Some people are lucky and have this innate gift of knowing how to design space, making it a pleasing place to be in. Others don't have this gene and find it very difficult to visualise how the space will work. limpieza de jardines