Monday, April 12, 2021

Odds 'n Ends....

The grass is turning green:


 (Plenty of mud, too!)


 An old barn:


 A really old tree:


 Hubby mixing up all the chicken poop:


 Two mascots at the dump:


 The is still a lot of land left to clear in Coopville:


 The vultures are back!!!! Yay!



 The gang working hard:

 The kitty-kat all snuggly-wuglly on a rainy Sunday afternoon:






  1. That is quite the chicken poop mixer.

    I asked my musical muse to make up a chicken poop mixing song, and her reply contained no music, and a large number of very bad words.

    Nice photos.

    1. You should hear all my bad words when I shovel out the pen and the chicken coop...... :o)