Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Moving a little pine tree:

 This little tree was in front of the house. Hubby decided to move it before it got TOO big:


 Those roots were really deep:


 He planted it in the front where we have another stone wall - 'hope it makes it!


 Here is a view of Coopville from that spot:


 They sure can run when they want to!



 New leaves against a clear blue sky:


 The dogwood will be in full bloom soon!


 The gang has almost cleared the garden of all last year's weeds!


 Shadows on my wall from the kitchen window when the sun sets:





  1. Ah Hell. Sorry about this, just a weird pet peeve as an amateur tree guy. Not a pine, they have long needles. Can't tell from pic but prob. Spruce. Actually it looks like it might be Hemlock. Water it and then some more and....

    1. Thanks for the correction on the tree! I had no Idea what it was. We have 3 larger ones too. The birds make nests in them all the time - so cute to 'em hopping around in them!:o)

  2. Great pics as always!! Have a good day:))

  3. Thanks, Mamahen! You have a great day, too! :o)

  4. Be careful around the dogwood. It has a ruff bark!