Monday, November 14, 2022

How to repair a .....

......  wagon wheel!

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Some wheels can still be productive, while others have value in their history, yet are still worth preserving. I have two wheels that demonstrate both of these categories this week. One will be serviceable, while the older wheel is preserved mainly for it's historical significance. Building and restoring horse drawn vehicles often involves preservations as well as restorations.






  1. These things are getting really hard to come by! Back in the 70's out here in the West, they were a dime a dozen. They were everywhere, languishing in fields and adorning front yards as "yard art." Now, if you can find one at all, it's in really bad shape and still really expensive! That "geriatric" wheel would fall into the "excellent condition" category out here! Leave one like that leaning against the house as "yard art," and it's likely to grow legs and walk, only to fetch upwards of $300.00 at a swap meet somewhere!

  2. We have one in front of our house - the previous owner asked if we wanted it - I said " 'Yep"! :o)