Friday, November 18, 2022

Friday Night Steam

 How about a tour of a steam powered tugboat for tonight's story?

SS Master

Length Overall     85 ft
Beam                   19.5 ft
Tonnage               225
Power Triple Expansion  Steam Engine
Propeller              8′ – 9 pitch
Horse Power        330 hp
Normal Cruise      7 knots @ 100 rpm

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  1. Good video. We watch lots of tugboats on the Mississippi River while we are watching trains on Ft. Madison, Iowa.

    Virtual Railfan on YouTube

    "Fort Madison is on the BNSF Chicago Division/Marceline & Chillicothe Subdvisions. UP also has trackage rights. The only Amtrak that passes through is the Southwest Chief. The Fort Madison Toll Bridge to the east of camera is a swinging truss bridge over the Mississippi River that connects Fort Madison, Iowa, and Niota, Illinois. Rail traffic occupies the lower deck of the bridge, while two lanes of road traffic occupy the upper deck. FRA documents an average of 65 trains per day."