Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Houston, we have a problem.....

..... in Coopville!


 Back in July I bought Dolly and Reba

to keep Chipper and Benji company and to get fresh eggs since Chipper is old and doesn't lay anymore.

Well, it's not working out  that way....

Only got a couple of eggs from the new ones:

and then they BOTH got broody and stopped laying for the past few months.

I now have to BUY eggs!!!!!!!!

And Benji.......


Benji is NOT performing his duties at all.

 My rooster has turned gay -

He thinks he is a hen!

Should I give them away and start all over again in the Spring?

Feed, hay and shavings are expensive now.

What do you think I should do?????



  1. Your chicks are not the only ones on strike. No eggs at our Aldi for two weeks.

    1. I had to buy them today - for once, Acme had a lot of them and they didn't cost an arm and a leg! :o)

  2. We paid $3.48 for a dozen here locally this week:))

  3. That was a good deal! I shouldn't have to pay anything!!!!! With the cost of butter, it might be cheaper to keep a cow!