Friday, October 7, 2022

Friday Night Steam

 Another great story about the Big Boys!!

Source: I'm a Train Person

We all know of Union Pacific’s most famous freight haulers, but how many of us know the journey they took to get there? A lot of the information found on the delivery of the Big Boys came from these forums, so check them out:

Large Steam Locomotive pulls a train of Yellow Coaches.
Union Pacific "Big Boy" - the largest operational Steam Locomotive in the world.
The Union Pacific "Big Boy" steam locomotive is the largest steam locomotive ever built. Designed to eliminate the need for a second "helper" engine, the locomotives hauled freight trains over the Wasatch Mountains and later over Sherman Hill in Wyoming. 

The Big Boy is a 4-8-8-4 standard gauge steam locomotive originally built to burn coal.
The American Locomotive Company's (ALCO) Schenectady Shops built an initial order of 20 Big Boy Steam locomotives delivered in 1941 and a second order of 5 Big Boy Steam Locomotives were delivered in 1944.
​Out of the 25 total Big Boy locomotives, 8 survive today in preservation.


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