Friday, November 12, 2021

Out and about....

A lady bug on the screen. There were a lot of them this year:


 Red leaves on one of the bushes:


 Pears on the tree....


 They are as hard as rocks ! We will give them to the damn deer.


 Different views of Coopville:


 Hubby moving manure around:


 Getting a good pile of it.....


 .... thanks to Bella and Gina!


 More wood to be cut and stacked:


 The gang. Benji has such BIG feet!






  1. Benji is an odd looking fella, isn't he?

    1. Yuppers! His feathers keep changing, too. He's not a nasty rooster, (has NEVER attacked me like Charlie did) he just gets annoyed with Spot sometimes. He's been nice to her for the past few days,though. He sure is different! :o)