Monday, September 6, 2021

Been quiet...


 ... not much going on in Coopville.


Didn't get any storm damage except some branches down and lotsa rain:

The sunflowers have bloomed!

And so has a rose!

We had a storm come through before Ida:

It knocked a tree down right on the wood pile!

Hubby didn't have a hard job on this one!

The dogwood tree is getting the red berries - it must mean Fall is a-coming!

Benji, Chipper and Spot are just fine:

Seems strange only have two hens - they don't even lay eggs anymore. It's too late in the year to get chicks - they wouldn't be old or strong enough to survive the Winter. I'll get some more in the Spring.

Since the flock isn't much to blog about anymore, maybe I'll just post on Fridays. What do you think?

Oh - the damn deer are back!



  1. It has been sad not to find you every day! Welcome back, however you want to post!

  2. AS Glenn555 said, Welcome and I will read whenever and whatever you post.

  3. Missed you. Even a little is better than "no chicken Mom". It has been a long two weeks. Hope you got a lot of rest. So glad you are back!

  4. Happy you are back!! Whatever is best for you about posting. Always happy to hear from you:))

  5. Thanks to all for the kind words! Got a lot of my reading done and Hubby just chilled out! :o)