Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A beautiful morning!

Sunlight hitting the top of the big tree:



 From the "office" window:

 Deer next to the driveway:


 Deer in the back:






 More damn deer:


The herd is getting bigger.  :o(

 Lots of snakes this year.....


 No too much left in the garden:


Spot in the poopie bin:

 (Don't know why they like to go in there.....)







  1. Maybe you can get some off those Everglades giant pythons shipped up here and train them to hunt deer.

    What could possibly go wrong? :)

    Well officer, I think the snakes are just hugging the deer.

    1. Yah, and come winter-time you would have house guests!

    2. New neighbors don't keep the rock wall clean and cleared on their side. Lots of copperheads and rattlers up here.
      Plenty of house guests come in on the wood piles in the winter already!! :o)