Monday, June 28, 2021

Busy days!


 Got all the windows done upstairs!!! Yay! Now I still have 10 windows to do downstairs!!

 Never, ever used to take this long... sigh....


Hubby mowed ALL of Coopville:

And got the old Chevy washed:

 BUT something was attacking my squash and watermelon plants.


Damn groundhog!

He won't be a problem anymore!

Saw a hawk sitting on the shed roof:


He came back the next day:

 Can't let the gang out when he is flying around:

We also hand Yogi come through, too!

He left us a present!

Gonna be HOT here in Joisey for the next couple of days..

 Image result for cartoon of keeping cool







  1. Sadly, the groundhog chose that exact minute to die from old age. (snort)

    1. The timing was just perfect!!! (double snort) :o)