Monday, August 7, 2023

Pics from the camera....

 Didn't take too many pictures - just chilled out and deep cleaned most of the time....

The groundhog dug a new hole:

And Hubby blocked it off:

Pretty blossoms:

Had plenty of rain:

Dinner this coming Fall:

Still had smoke from the Canadian fires:

Lots of storm clouds:

More rain:


A pretty sunset:

Plenty of hot weather:

The gang. Reba finally decided to come out of her nest box:

Dolly dropped an egg. Benji is SO proud of her! (and Reba sat on it!)



  1. For the groundhog hole, take a smoke bomb and drop it in the hole. Take a blower to force all of the smoke down the shaft. The smoke will come out of the other openings. That way all openings can be plugged.

  2. Good idea, Tsquare! Will try that on the other ones if they get too close to the garden and the house! :o)