Monday, June 20, 2022

Bubble grass???

 Have you ever seen it?

James Callender, a resident of Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, found a lawn bubble in his backyard after a heavy rain. There was no other reason for the blister to form: no leaking septic, no broken water line. Nothing. The blister was larger than a waterbed, and a lot wavier.







A massive lawn bubble formed on the 14th fairway of the Greywolf Golf Course in Invermere, British Columbia after a break in the irrigation system. 



  1. About 15-20 yeaqrs ago I had a neighbor that had a lawn irrigation problem with one of her sprinklers' feed pipe. To find out where I had her run that zone for 45 minutes, and marked the outline of where the lawn bubble was with chalk. I dug down at the center of the bubble and hit the leak dead nuts, repaired it, and impressed the hell out of the neighbor.

    It was kinda fun! Wet, but fun.

    1. I bet it was fun to walk on - I have never seen one!