Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Tropical Sea Sponges




 The Many Uses of Sea Sponges

Sea sponges have long been esteemed as highly valued commodities for many different peoples and in many different places all over the world.  They have always offered great value due to their natural qualities of softness, strength, high absorbency, and for their long life span of usefulness.

Some of their most popular uses include: Adult, infant, and child bathing, cosmetic applications, personal hygiene, feminine hygiene and care, pet bathing and care, premium car washing and detailing, wall painting, water color painting, arts and crafts of all kinds, shoe shinning, equine and tack care, outdoor adventuring, household d├ęcor, dish washing, household cleaning, and many more uses.

Benefits of Using Sea Sponges
Genuine sea sponges are an incredible alternative for a superior natural bathing experience to all synthetic sponges.  They are highly absorbent, exceptionally soft, create a luxurious lather, do not retain odors, last longer than synthetic sponges, and are truly the ideal choice for even the most sensitive of skin. Those who care about our environment love the fact that sea sponges are a very renewable resource and are fully biodegradable.

Natural sea sponges, while remaining hypoallergenic and toxin-free, actually possess enzymes that are shown to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.  This is just another reason that sea sponges are considered healthier, safer, and more effective for various cosmetic and personal care applications.
For similar reasons people find small premium sea sponges to be the perfect choice for cleansing and protecting even a baby’s delicate skin.  They are literally soft as silk when wet and make bath the favorite part of the day for baby, child, and adult alike.  Many experts agree that fine-pored “silk” sponges are the best choice for infants and children, and some of our customers choose to cleanse without the use of soap when using a Mediterranean Silk sea sponge.

Aside from the sea sponge’s many uses as a household favorite in bathing, personal care, cleaning, and more, living sea sponges are actually being researched right now in hopes to synthesize alternative treatments for various ailments.  Sea sponge in the ocean emit a natural chemical that is thought to one day offer effective and natural possible treatment options for arthritis sufferers and even certain types of cancer.  In addition, they contain a full spectrum of healthy sea minerals that our bodies love and need and for this reason have been consumed by individuals from various countries.


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