Wednesday, March 31, 2021

One last try

Can you see these? The first two are from the internet and the bottom three are from my camera

Image result for beautiful chicken

See the source image

This was uploaded to Blogger from my YouTube channel:

This was uploaded to Blogger from my camera's photo program:

It takes a loooong time to load Blogger on my laptop to make a post. Don't know why....


  1. Great! All worked very well.

  2. They all came up for me here. The only thing of interest is to go from my blogger reading list to your blog I have to click on the title of the post and not the blog name. But I have had to do that in the past with Joel's blog, so don't know if it's blogger or me.

  3. I see them too! But I must say it takes a LOOOONNNGGGG time to load your site. Dunno why.

  4. Thank you Terry, Judy, Gorges, Glenn and BW for your feedback!
    Will try a real post tomorrow!!! :o)