Friday, July 14, 2023

The deck.....

 ... is done! Took two days to finish - Hubby did a great job!

 The Rose of Sharon is starting to pop!


 Looking for bugs!








 Thunder clouds!








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  1. we used ipê for the deck - a bit more expensive, but...
    It's turned out to be great for "the U.S.A. beta test site for fungicides", the area around Portland, Oregon. It grays,but it's skid-proof 'cause mold, algae, etc. just won't grow on it.
    A quick swipe with #400 on the rounded areas of the handrails every few years just to make sure no splinters are coming up and a quick check (and replacement where necessary) of the support lumber (not ipê - it was too expensive/we weren't bright enough) is all we've required over the past 20+ years.