Monday, June 12, 2023

NOT a good week.....

 ...... nothing, and I mean nothing, went as planned!

The smoke from the Canadian fires was sooo bad, we couldn't go outside and do anything except on Monday. Hubby transplanted the iris to the front stone wall:


Then the awful smoke came:

That is the sun:

Just couldn't stay outside and work.

Had a Dr's appt. on Wednesday at 9AM and it's an hour drive to get there. It seemed like we were driving at dusk. It was worse coming home.

Now we are having trouble with the well pump. Can't use the power washer or the washing machine until it gets inspected.

After today will be taking the rest of the week off until we can straighten out the problems here in Coopville.

At least the flowers can make us smile:



  1. Sorry so.many things hitting you, but the flowers are lovely:)

    1. Thanks Mamahen! It was a terrible week - above is just some of the stuff that went wrong - plus, Benji fell off the night perch and scraped his legs and Reba got broody again = no eggs from her.....sigh.....