Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Good evening!

 Had 5inches of new snow yesterday and another inch today. I am totally snowed out! Just sick so tired of the snow, sick of the ice, the snow cleats, the de-melter pellets all over the house, bulky winter coats, boots and gloves!!!! Grrrrrr!

I'm sure you are sick of seeing nothing but snow in Coopville, too!

Going to take a few days off and think of green things......


.... lots and lots of green things.....


  1. NOAA says we could be in the upper fifties today in Philly.
    it's too early to believe that winter is passing, but it will be great to see the sun and the snow will begin to melt.

    Enjoy your down time.
    Unless you plan on harvesting tiny goose feathers, 'cause that would truly be down time. :)